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About us

Water will be most prominent & essential commodity for each and every life on earth irrespective of Human being, animals, plants, trees or any. Now this will be the most debated environmental challenge world will face future.

Pure water is fast becoming the scarcest but most demanding essential on earth. The present day water has different types of deadly contaminants viz., dissolved solids in excess, heavy metals like lead, copper, iron, mercury, arsenic and many other pollutants like insecticides & pesticides. Many health hazards like Mental retardation, cancer, kidney stones, digestive disorders, cardiac problems, intestinal problems etc., are some of the long term effects caused as a result of these water contaminations. 85% of all human diseases are due to water contamination.

Water purification is now considered essential even for external usage like bathing, vessel and clothes washing. Pure water has thus become an inevitable necessity in homes, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, laundries, hatcheries, nurseries, farms, bottling plants, factories and other commercial/industrial establishments.

Yesterday's generalized water purification methods are passé. Need-specific, analysis-centric specialist treatment methodologies have become the order of the day. Analyzing water comprehensively, understanding its characteristics and treating it require expertise, experience and thorough subject knowledge.

With the growing demand for fresh water and sustenance of vital water resources, waste water recycling has also gained prominence and has today become an ecological imperative. With a vast experience of modern and scientific methods of water treatment, world class products, highly qualified staff S.V. MINERALS offers various customized water purifications for all category of customers with value-for-money.

S.V. Minerals is the fastest and largest emerging integrated water solution provider established in the year 2000, with the state of the art multi-location manufacturing facilities backed by dedicated team of engineering professionals having the core competency in designing, manufacturing, installation and services of RO-Systems, RO with Cooler, Softeners, DM plants , UV System & UF Purification System from 8 LPH to 100 meter cube per hour for various end users.

S.V. Minerals has the National & International presence through its branch offices and Distributors/Dealers network. Through which it assures the customer of Time Bound and Zero defect Service.

S.V. Minerals has 12 Company Branches, 22 Distributors and 81 Dealers across India. Similarly our presence is available in USA, Africa, UAE, Iraq, Iran, Malaysia and Yemen.


We are a 21st century healthcare products manufacturing company with a vision of making the world a healthy and a happy family.


Our mission is to produce innovative healthcare products that purify the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe, thus help people live healthier and longer.


Providing good quality product & service is our motto. In order to achieve this, various tests and checks are taken up right from procuring raw material until the finished product is ready.


We are Pioneers in revolutionary Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology. S.V Minerals started its operations from Mysore , India in 2000. Despite a humble beginning, today SV Minerals is a one of the big organization with offices spread across India. Most importantly, today we have lakhs of satisfied customers across the globe.


The company attaches importance to our team members. As they are considered to be the backbone of the company they become an indispensable part of our organization. Our staff members are selected after careful selection process taking into account their qualifications, experience and various other factors. We also look into their experience on our product line. Our staff members are very much devoted to the company’s development and contribute to the maximum level of quality production. Both the company and the staff members work each other for the betterment of each other.


We always adhere to the best satisfaction of our customer through our quality product & services. We take our customers as our marketing partners as their references play a very vital role in the development of our business. We try to maintain our business relationship with our valued customers by adopting perfect quality measures to improve the quality of our products. We also stick to the specific delivery schedule and offer easy payment mode so that our customers are not put into difficulty.


Every customer find various organizations in the field of Water purification. In such competitors, we stand first due to following reasons.

  1. Supreme quality of products.
  2. Competitive prices.
  3. On-time deliveries.
  4. Customization as per customer requirement.
  5. Proven ability in successful execution of any type of projects irrespective of small, medium or large scale.

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