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Swimming pool Filtration

Anybody entering a swimming pool contaminates the water either from secretion or just from washing off. Typical contaminated water includes Sweat, skin flaks, mucous, hair ointments and urine. In addition there are contaminants and organisms from the environment of the swimming pools such as dust algae and microorganisms. Therefore the pool water has to be constantly & repeatedly filtered and disinfected.

On average the human body will absorb half a litre of pool water every hour. So you can only imagine what sort of harmful contaminants are being absorbed into your body whilst swimming.

Ozone is the most active oxidizing agent that can be used with safety. It is sometimes called as activated oxygen. Tests have proven that ozone is from 600 to 3000 times more active in the destruction of bacteria and viruses than chlorine in the same concentration. Ozone is effective against mustiness, mildew, fungus and can be used to eliminate the "locker room" odor in dressing rooms. Due to the flocculation process and the ozonation process, the water in an ozonated pool is very clear. A sky blue color is imparted in the pool water.

Ozone is an excellent deodorizing agent for many substances, such as putrefactions, hydrogen sulphide, urine, smoke, cooking, paints, etc. Ozonated pools do not have the "bath tub ring" that is caused by skin oils, grease, ointments, hair dressing and cosmetics used by the swimmers. Ozone is used in therapeutic pools and baths for the treatment of skin infection and burns.

Hence Ozonators are very important product in purification of water in swimming pool. SV minerals provide complete solution for all purification requirements of any type of swimming pools.

Benefits :

  • Bacteria kill rate is up to three thousand times faster.
  • 50% stronger oxidizer than chlorine.
  • Reduces traditional chemical use between 60% - 90%.
  • Reduce handling and storage of unsafe chemicals.
  • Reduce constant purchasing of harmful chemicals.
  • Eliminate red, irritated eyes and dry, itchy skin.
  • Eliminate costly replacement of faded swimwear.
  • Remove unpleasant chlorine /chloramine odours.
  • No adverse health or environmental effects.
  • Improvement of the filter and coagulant capacities. This leads to a reduction of coagulant use and less backwashing of the filter is required.
  • Water consumption can be decreased, because of an increase in water quality.

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